Fall Prevention Tips

Pulse wants to ensure that all seniors are able to remain safely independent in their homes. A medical alert system is an excellent start with mitigating any risks, however here are some helpful tips to prevent a potential fall in the first place. The more you educate yourself, the less of the risk!

Fall Prevention Tips

  • Exercise: Lack of exercise can lead to weaker bones in the body and increase the chance of falling. Trying different exercises can increase strength and balance
  • Medication: Individuals should be cautious of their medication as some medication can have side effects such as dizziness or drowsiness. This can lead to the increase of falling
  • Vision: Having poor vision can also increase the likeliness of falling. Seniors should have their eyes checked regularly
  • Hazards at Home: Having a regular safety check will help eliminate the potential risks of falling


  • Remove items in the household that could cause individuals to trip over (papers, books, clothes, shoes. etc.)
  • Remove small rugs or insert double sided tape to keep from slipping
  • Make sure lighting in the home is bright enough, or install more lighting and handrails to ensure vision is at its best
  • Wear good shoes inside and outside the home. Avoid going barefoot or wearing slippers as it allows for more risk of tripping and falling

Need Support?

Pulse would love to have a one-on-one consultation to go over these hints, and assess your home to demonstrate potential risks, call us now! 1-888-236-6756 or contact us.