Is Pulse Right For You?

Did you know that 50% of falls occur within the place you feel the most safe – your home?

Male or female, both are at significant risks to falling, resulting in serious injuries – sometimes fatal. Although women are 20% more likely to fall over men, men are more likely to die from a fall.

By choosing Pulse, fatalities and major injuries can be prevented.


Don’t wait for the fall to make the call!


Risk Assessment

1) Do you presently live alone?

2) Have you almost fallen, or caught yourself from falling?

3) Are you over the age of 60?

4) Do you spend most of your day in your house?

5) Do you live very independently?

6) Do your caregivers worry about your safety?

7) Do you want to feel safe inside your home?

8) Are you required to take several daily medications?

9) Do you use equipment to assist you with walking? (Cane, walker, wheelchair)

10) Do you think your caregivers will be comforted with peace-of-mind if you had a medical pendant?

Your answers will determine the level of care you may need. Click submit to receive your results.

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